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Senior Citizens' Plan

At-Home Medicare Senior Citizens' Plan is a healthcare service plan for persons needing regular health monitoring services at home; senior citizens who need homecare.

The Plan seeks to provide regular and timely general health and well-being related facilities to make life comfortable and cheerful.

The Plan envisages two levels of services: Basic Services and Optional Services.

Services - Basic

  • Baseline Tests
  • Monthly House Calls by our panel Doctor
  • Weekly Monitoring Calls
  • Repeat Tests
  • Home-delivery of medicines

On registration, our panel doctor will visit the Member for first consultation and will discuss the Baseline Tests required and fix appointment for the tests.

Baseline Tests cover the following:

  • Blood Test
  • Urine Test
  • Stool Test
  • ECG
  • Sonography as suggested by the doctorChest X-ray
  • General physical check-up

Blood, urine and stool samples will be collected from the home of the Member.

Transport and escort (if required) will be arranged by us for taking the Member to the Medical Centre for other tests.

Thereafter, regular monthly house calls and weekly monitoring calls will commence. Repeat tests (routine blood and urine only) will be carried out after 6 months of commencement of service under the Plan, as recommended by our panel doctor.

Services - Optional

Following Services (other than Basic Services listed above) are available under the Plan on optional basis:

  • Additional visit by our panel doctor
  • Arranging visit by specialist/consultants
  • Additional monitoring calls
  • Additional tests as recommended by our panel doctor/ specialist/ consultant
  • Arrangement of attendants
  • Arrangement of transport
  • Arrangement of wheelchair, waterbed, fowler bed, walkers, etc.
  • Facilitating concierge services