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About us

At-Home Medicare Services is an initiative aimed at facilitating timely medical care of senior citizens, as much as possible, at comfort of their homes without placing them to inconveniences of venturing out in the hustle and bustle of the city traffic.

It also aims at making life of every near and dear ones of the senior citizen and that of the senior citizen itself more relaxed with less of tensions and worries.

It is an initiative of working people who have gone through the stress of caring for senior citizens and understand the value of such care and facility; the need for, so to say, extended family.

Our Philosophy

Senior citizens, more often than not, besides physical illness, suffer from psychological insecurity, which is more pronounced when close family members are away or are working. This can be addressed in a variety of ways by making sure that there is someone to attend to their needs whenever any difficulty arises.

You might have experienced that despite all the care that you take of senior citizens and provide assurance (which is also demonstrated in times of need) that you will be available at a phone call, their worry is: but, will you be available on the phone? Will you not be in a meeting? Will you not take one hour to reach? What if you are out of Mumbai? And, these are realities to which there are no answers.

They also worry about things like: What if they fall down - Who will lift them? How can they visit their friends or attend to social or religious functions if there is no one to take them? How can they rely on household help? Who will read religious books for them? Who will help them dress up if they want to go out? Who will ensure that right medicines are being given at the right time or listen to their medical problems and call the doctor?

Then, there are matters like the music system not working or the cassette is not good - I do not like to eat what is cooked today - I would like to go on a short drive- And so on....

We, at At-Home Medicare are working to address these concerns. We believe that mental health is, if not more, as important, as physical health and wish to facilitate care of both mental health - by providing that much needed support - facilitating availability of all that they need through our loving and trusted facilitators and, physical health - by visits of doctors, phone calls and facilitating medical tests, consultations, medicines.